Latest D3 Regatta

3 Day Event
Date September 21 - 23, 2018
Gold Cup Series Sponsored by Fogh Marine
ILCA-NA Laser District 3

We want to welcome all new Opti dudes/dudettes to the District 3 Radial/Laser Class. We hear that a lot of you former Opti sailors are now hanging with the cool kids in the Radial fleet or are about to graduate to the Radial fleet. The rumour going around is that some of you girls and guys are pretty good sailors. Well get ready to do some hiking, cause when the wind blows you are going to need some real ripped abs. Oh ya and you can forget about heading out in 25knots of wind like you used to do in your little Opti…..25 knots ain't as easy as it used to be in the Opti. If you are feeling rebellious try it out, but be ready to swim and be ready for equipment damage….so tell your parents to bring their wallets. Otherwise just hang with your homies on shore for safety, and watch the full rig guys go out and go for a swim.

Btw the District 3 Laser/Radial class has the best prizes around for you hot shot sailors. Do well in the Fogh Gold Cup series (6 regattas but you don't have to attend all) and you will take home a new Radial or Laser sail!!! Pretty sweet eh!!!  Brand new sails go to the winners of the Radial and Laser fleets and a 3rd sail rotates each year between the top Master, top Radial sailor and top Junior sailor (<16yrs). In 2016 it goes to the top Master sailor. Runners up also get gift certificates to Fogh Marine.

A master sailor... you are probably thinking what the heck is a master sailor?  Is that an old grey haired dude that thinks he is good at sailing cause he's been around a few more years than us Opti pros? Well pretty much, but watch out for those geezers cause they can teach you a thing or 10 about going fast…..that is, until their backs give out. Well kids, once you have done your time in the open fleet we will let you join our ranks and that's when the fun really starts. So keep on sailing that Radial or Laser, as it could be the best thing in the long run for your overall health, fitness, comradery and social life. Sailing becomes a lot more than going fast around a bunch of buoys, it becomes a way of life. Consider yourselves lucky that you have an opportunity to participate in this great sport, so go and thank your Mom or Dad right now for making it possible for you.

In addition, we owe a big thanks to Fogh Marine for their generosity to Radial/Laser sailing here in Ontario by providing sails for our Fogh Gold Cup series. Be sure to support them when your equipment breaks.

Sail it flat and sail it fast.  Peace out dudes.

Nigel HeathNigel Heath is an avid Laser and Radial sailor from the Water Rats Sailing Club in Toronto. Nigel is also a member of the Ontario Masters Racing Team.