Latest D3 Regatta

3 Day Event
Date September 21 - 23, 2018
Gold Cup Series Sponsored by Fogh Marine
ILCA-NA Laser District 3

The results are in and the District 3 executive would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2015 racing series. Attendance at the events increased in 2015, particularly in the Radial fleet where competition is intense. This is excellent as it bodes well for the future of Radial and Laser sailing in Ontario. In calculating the results of the six race series, we drop the worst two results so it helps level the playing field as we can't expect everyone to make it to every event. If you didn't attend an event you are scored the number of sailors plus one for that event. The results are available in the attached spreadsheet, so if you don't see your name that probably means you didn't attend enough events.

In first place overall in the Laser fleet is Gord Welsh (SLYC), who wins a new laser sail courtesy of Fogh Marine. In 2nd is Jack Bruce (PCYC) and Braden Garvey (BYC) is 3rd. In the Radial fleet the winner is Aleksander Magi (FBYC) followed very closely by James Juhasz (BHYC) and in 3rd is Liam Bruce (BHYC). Aleks wins a new Radial sail and James Juhasz also wins a Radial sail as the Top Junior sailor in the Radial fleet (this third sail rotates each year between the top junior, top female then top master in full rig). The other second and third place sailors win gift certificates to Fogh Marine.

Winners - Laser Fleet

  • 1) Gord Welsh
  • 2) Jack Bruce
  • 3) Braden Garvey

Winners - Radial Fleet

  • 1) Aleksander Magi
  • 2) James Juhasz
  • 3) Liam Bruce

Once again the Laser Class would like to recognize the generosity of Morten Fogh at Fogh Marine for these AWESOME prizes (the best in North America), so be sure support Fogh Marine.

Full Results

Nigel HeathNigel Heath is an avid Laser and Radial sailor from the Water Rats Sailing Club in Toronto. Nigel is also a member of the Ontario Masters Racing Team.